ADInstruments’ latest edition of LabTutor helps nursing students ADInstruments is helping nursing learners bridge the gap between your classroom and hospital ward with the most recent version of LabTutor and 3 Nursing Experiment Selections. LabTutor 3.0 supports 19 new experiments that illustrate in practical terms the biological theory taught in nursing anatomy and physiology classrooms. The Nursing experiments involve students observing, recording and examining the physiology of their own bodies.Height-Associated Variants and Cardiovascular Risk Elements The findings from the analyses of the composite association between height-associated variants and specific cardiovascular risk factors are provided in Table 1. For some of the chance factors, the analyses didn’t identify any proof an association between genetically determined height and the risk of CAD. Both exceptions had been LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, for which there have been small but significant associations.