Recently, many women have sought to lessen their risk of breast cancers recurrence by undergoing removing both breasts even when one of the breasts is healthful, an operation known as contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. Many wellness advocates have raised problems that this aggressive treatment option is being overused. The researchers interviewed 1,446 females who had been successfully treated for breasts malignancy without experiencing recurrence. They examined the types of treatment received, along with at the patients’ clinical indications for dual mastectomy. They found that among females who underwent a mastectomy, almost 20 % experienced both breasts removed.This initiative is central to the Government’s $1.3 billion investment in enhancing cancer infrastructure announced in the 2009-10 Budget. At Townsville Medical center, the Prime Minister announced $67.5 million to enhance the Townsville Cancer Center to improve access to comprehensive services for folks in North Queensland. Within the scope of this funding there will be three radiotherapy bunkers, two linear accelerators, a Family pet/CT scanner and 26 additional chemotherapy chairs.