A new source of islet cells The shortage of islet cells limits the development of islet transplantation. One fresh strategy was reported in the October 21 problem of the World Journal of Gastroenterology due to its great significance in improving the result of islet cells more info . This article will certainly bring benefit to diabetic patients. The differentiation is described by The article of rat pancreatic ductal epithelial cells into insulin-producing cells by the transfection of PDX-1. Recently, though great attempts have been made to differentiate embryonic stem cells, pancreatic ductal epithelial multipotent progenitor cells and bone marrow stem cells into islet cells, the process of cell differentiation and development is long.

Study on the autoimmune disease that afflicts an incredible number of Us citizens, led by ASU psychologist Alex J. Zautra, talks about the way the body activates the disease fighting capability during periods of melancholy and stress. The study, which include associate professor Mary C. Davis of ASU, David Isidro and Yocum Villanueva of the University of Arizona, Jeanne Attrep of the Phoenix Veterans Administration Michael and Medical center Irwin of UCLA, was just published in the Journal of Rheumatology. The result is often debilitating systemic chronic pain and inflammation that the physical body struggles to turn off. The analysis specifically isolated intervals of high tension and periods of unhappiness for the patients.