25 new gene variants linked to autism Scientists have identified 25 gene variants that may increase the opportunity a person could have autism. The 25 additional duplicate variations are lacking or duplicated stretches of DNA that have a high effect on autism. This implies though they hardly ever occur even, they each improve the probability a person could have an autism spectrum disorder . CBS Evening News Is there a connection between Asperger’s and violent behavior? CBS Information medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook spoke with Scott Pelley on Asperger’s syndrome – the disorder Adam Lanza, the gunman in the Conn.These results were observed for to 3 years up. Of the 588 sufferers who entered the open-label extension trial, 141 were receiving HUMIRA 40 mg weekly. Yet another 100 patients began receiving HUMIRA 40 mg weekly during the open-label phase because of flare or non-response. The recommended dose of HUMIRA for adult sufferers with UC is 160 mg on Day 1, accompanied by 80 mg on Day 15, following fourteen days later with 40 mg almost every other week by subcutaneous injection. In the open-label expansion, both the patient and investigator knew that these were receiving HUMIRA. Additionally, open-label expansion data may be enriched as individuals who remain in the study long-term tend to do better than those who drop out. The full total outcomes from the placebo-controlled, stage 3 trials demonstrated statistically significant %ages of clinical remission per Mayo rating at eight and 52 weeks in HUMIRA-treated patients in comparison to placebo.