This step follows similar steps by Target and Home Depot, among others. The Associated Press: Wal-Mart Cuts Some Part-Time HEALTH ADVANTAGES Beginning Jan. 1, Wal-Mart informed The Associated Press that it’ll no longer offer medical health insurance to employees who work significantly less than an average of 30 hours a week . The move, which would have an effect on 30,000 workers, follows very similar decisions by Target, Home Depot and others to eliminate health insurance benefits for part-time employees.

NAEDI aims to raise awareness of the signs or symptoms of cancer to encourage people to get them tested eventually and support primary health care professionals to diagnose cancer early including improving access to diagnostic investigations. Early diagnosis is the important to boosting cancers survival. Professor Sir Mike Richards, the National Clinical Director for cancer, said: The results of the survey show how essential it is to get the message across that tumor can frequently be treatable if diagnosed early. That’s why we are launching a campaign in January to improve awareness of the early signs or symptoms of breast, bowel and lung malignancy and encourage visitors to seek medical advice as soon as possible.75 million for an early signs and symptoms campaign to release in January 2011.