‘The facility builds on Agilent Singapore‘s 40 years of innovation, experience and associations with this partners and customers.’ The Agilent LC/MS service is located within the Agilent Existence Sciences Group Purchase Fulfillment Middle, located at its Yishun, Singapore, site. The center shall be in charge of efficient management of the supply-chain network – – including planning, procurement, value-added engineering and logistics.20 problem of the Archives of Medical procedures – researchers surveyed over 25,000 surgeons about their work, lifestyle, and disposition. Only 7,000 of these responded, and the researchers used the given information to display screen for alcohol abuse or dependence. What did they discover? About 15 % of surgeons who responded got scores that indicated an alcohol problem. Further evaluation showed almost 14 % of male surgeons and 26 % of female surgeons. Based on the study authors, the alcohol abuse rates among surgeons are higher than those of the overall population. The authors called the results a ‘significant issue [with] the potential to impair a surgeon’s capability to practice with skill and basic safety.’ Should people going in for surgery worry? ‘It should be said that a number of studies show that direct patient damage associated with impairment because of chemical dependency is very, very rare,’ study author Dr.