A long-standing theory of adolescent behavior has assumed that this delayed brain maturation may be the reason behind impulsive and dangerous decisions in adolescence. The new study, utilizing a new form of mind imaging, calls into issue this theory. To be able to better understand the relationship between high risk-taking and the brain’s development, Emory University and Emory School of Medicine neuroscientists used a kind of magnetic resonance imaging called diffusion tensor imaging to measure structural changes in white matter in the brain.The risks rarely occur and are a possibility for just about any cosmetic or medical surgery. To safeguard you against these problems or side-effects select a good abdominoploasty surgery clinic and a good doctor. 5. My belly shall become numb During abdominoplasty surgery, a few nerves are cut through which can lead to minor nerve damage that will trigger some localized numbness post-op. However, like with any medical procedures this effect is short-term and will wear off after the nerves have repaired themselves. While permanent nerve damage can happen, it is extremely rare and will be limited to the area of the surgery.