But our members tend to be systems thinkers with a committed action to patient-centered care, and they now see even greater potential for health IT. ‘Groups of all sizes believe that disciplined use of EHRs, including e patient and prescribing registries, not only enhances quality and promotes care coordination. They view it as critical to improving performance and controlling costs also.’ Hank Duffy, Founder and President of the JHD Group, added, ‘We are very pleased to partner with AMGA upon this survey, and we are not surprised that the participation rate was extremely high. That’s because EHRs are so central to the effective administration of healthcare today–and to attaining effective medical integration. Efficient and effective delivery of health care is at the very best of the country’s strategic agenda, and there’s a concentrate on health IT, with significant stimulus funding available.Daniel shown to her at a recently available Honors Convocation ceremony. ‘Dr. Files demonstrates an exemplary teaching capability improved by an enthusiasm for the topic matter,’ Daniel stated at the May 16 event. ‘Her college students explain her as a professor who truly cares on her behalf students, practicing patience and encouragement in the classroom and in one-on-one situations. ‘One pupil described Dr. Files in this way: 'She was ready to sit for as long as it took and explained a concept in a number of ways to ensure that it was clear.