It’s not a long-term weight loss pill. Having waste in our colons could cause illnesses and cause you to very ill actually. That is only in circumstances when there’s a lot of built up waste even so it’s becoming more and more common in todays world where it is too easy to consume junk meals rather than a wholesome meal. In some cases where somebody is very overweight and harmful it would be smart to obtain an enema and have the waste materials flushed out however that is an uncomfortable process and isn’t very nice to go through. Unless you’re very over weight you wont have to do this. But alternatively even if you are not severely overweight an enema is an excellent way to cleanse your colon fast.So that it seems like we ought to lose weight over the summer &mdash naturally; not gain it. In reality, though, summer months isn’t all beach volleyball and water sports. Lots of summer activities could work against our initiatives to stay at a healthy weight . The good thing is it’s easy to avoid complications if we know what to look out for. Here are 5 methods to beat summer weight gain: Get going with goals. Whenever we don’t have an idea, it’s easy to spend summer moving from sofa to pc, with regular stops at the fridge.