Buy a live tree By purchasing a live tree with a rootball, you can try to replant it, or recycle it into mulch, as most communities have mulching applications now. Recycled Christmas trees could make great barriers for sand and soil erosion along lake and river shorelines. They can also be used as fish feeders , bird feeders or a sanctuary in the backyard, and when shredded can make a great path for hiking trails even. 4. Make use of locally grown foods If you are cooking up a storm this season, make sure to buy organic, locally grown vegetables and antibiotic – and hormone-free meat, dairy and eggs.Worse Even, this slow down can happen as young as 20. An easy way to prevent this is to consume regular servings of citric fruits. All citruses are high in vitamin C, which, in addition to boosting your immune system, also boosts collagen production leading to fewer wrinkles. While citrus fruit protects the skin inside from lines and wrinkles, tomatoes do their job externally by protecting the skin from harmful sun rays. A tomato obtain it’s red coloring from the pigment lycopene. In addition to coloring the tasty treat, lycopene is also a solid antioxidant that functions as a powerful and natural sunscreen.