When am i going to hit menopause? Just how many more years am i going to be able to get pregnant? Many women talk to themselves these questions, especially if they are planning to combine a grouped family life with a professional career. Scientists are trying to help women discover answers. MaryFran Sowers and her co-workers from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor are using a range of variables, including age and hormone levels, to predict the time window in which a woman is likely to hit menopause.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105: 13538-13543 .

ACP: Increase in internal medicine enrollment may ease primary treatment workforce shortage The increase in the amount of U.S. Medical students choosing inner medicine residencies in 2011 is a positive indication toward easing the primary care workforce shortage, according to the American College of Doctors , the nation’s second-largest doctors group. Today displays an 8 The 2011 National Resident Matching System report released.0 % increase from last year, with 2,940 U.S. Seniors at medical colleges enrolling in an internal medicine residency program, in comparison to 2,722 in 2010 2010. This is the second consecutive yr that internal medicine enrollment quantities have increased.