Background: The CDC on June 30 verified that three transplant recipients who died after receiving organs May 4 from a common donor had passed away of rabies. CDC also determined, after donation and transplants, that the donor had been infected with rabies. The donor was from Arkansas. Two of four recipients were from Texas. One was from Oklahoma. The 4th recipient passed away of non-rabies complications during transplant procedures in Alabama.. 147 people in Texas will have to receive post-exposure rabies avoidance treatment The Texas Department of Wellness has reported that up to now 147 people in Texas will have to receive post-exposure rabies prevention treatment as a precaution after possibly exposure to rabies regarding the the transplant of organs from a donor who was later on confirmed to have already been infected with the rabies virus.‘This highlights the importance of continued surveillance of viruses circulating in animals and additional research to enhance our ability to identify viruses that are emerging health threats.’ The study stems from the institution's role as a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Middle of Excellence for Influenza Study and Surveillance. St. Jude is also home to the just World Health Business Collaborating Center centered on the spread of animal flu infections to humans.