On reducing the incidence of infection, morbidity and mortality from chronic viral hepatitis that afflicts more than 5 million Americans.. The management of the national HIV / AIDS strategy provides a model of how to mobilize the entire public health infrastructure in action. With policy makers, clinicians, and other stakeholders to try to transform our system to on on prevention, early intervention to screen to detect, and treat viral hepatitis is essential.

15 510 15,510 avian influenza A human cases confirmed worldwide, including 99 deathsThe WHO reported yesterday evening, has exceeded that of swine flu A total cases confirmed in humans infection 15,510, including 99 deaths. The real number is higher because there is a delay between local health department reports and the WHO global report. The A flu virus is feared not nearly as virulent as originally. Experts say there is no more deadly than the normal seasonal human influenza.

USA – Total number of cases 7927, the total number of deaths 11 Mexico – total number of cases 4910, the total number of deaths 85 , Canada – Total number of cases in 1118, the total number of deaths 2 Costa Rica – Total number of cases 33, the total number of deaths 1..Revealed cellular mechanism responsible for chronic inflammation, diabetes type 2from Boston University at the Boston University School of Medicine , that some T cell require input monocyte derived for their pro – inflammatory reactions in people with type to obtain 2 diabetes . Which study also linked the first time, like a loss in homeostasis this group T cells likely to promoting chronic inflammation with T2D.

While it is is unknown know what the homeostatic balance among level pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory T cell, this study demonstrates the need to restore balance chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation and T2D. – ‘The real meaning our observations is the specification that the change in the balance between cells of the immune could be a essential novel treatment on T2D -associated inflammation of and insulin resistance might its,’said Nikolajczyk.